Readiness program is designed to enable businesses determine their eligibility for capital raising. Our eligibility tool “Capital Connect Africa” at , and our team of experts conduct a review of your business; assessing its eligibility and readiness for capital raising and identifying opportunities and any gaps that need to be addressed.

We provide guidance on engaging investors, suitable capital structures and identify potential financial and strategic partners.

A detailed report with actionable recommendations is availed to advise on the next steps and the business readiness for capital raising.

At Raisin, our Investor Preparedness allows businesses to prepare the correct investment conversation for communication with investors.

We offer the following to help prepare for investors. These can be offered separately or collectively:

• Teasers: A high-level overview of the business sent out to potential investors.

• Pitch decks: A detailed presentation explaining the business plan to potential investors.

• Financial models: Detailed financial forecast and projections indicating the financial performance of the business historically and forecasts with clear funding needs determination.

• Investment Memorandums: Gives the business story, model and detailed review of the business including management, strategy, and use of funds.

• Valuation reports: High level or detailed determination of the value of the business allowing a review of where the market values of the business.

• Sale Side Due Diligence: A review that allows the business to address any weaknesses, and prepare for potential investor due diligence and enhance value by addressing issues before a capital raise.

• Independent Business Reviews (IBR): Creating a candid review of the business historic, current, and future financial performance considering investors debt and equity positions.

We enable connections between entrepreneurs and investors through our "Investor Matchmaking" services and tapping into our wide investor network. Our processes are designed to transform the way businesses secure funding, by reducing time taken and ensuring an exceptional fit between our clients and their potential investors.

Our dedicated team will navigate the complexities of the funding process on your behalf, whether you are seeking venture capital, private equity, or other types of funding. We support businesses in conversations with investors, ensuring we structure transactions that are a fit both to the business and the investor. This includes negotiating terms that are both deal breakers and soft issues and working with the legal team to ensure both parties are well represented. We provide advise on how best to finance the company needs through debt, equity or other structures.

Through our networks and partnerships, we source a wide range of investment opportunities, availing to investors a steady stream of high-quality deals tailored to meet their investment needs, which creates a robust foundation for investment strategies.


Our services go beyond transactional support; we provide strategic guidance and ensure that you are well positioned to achieve your objectives. We provide expert advice and support up to transaction close:

• Capital Structuring: We provide advise on how best to finance the company needs through debt, equity or other structures.

• Due Diligence Support: We guide your business during investigations and audits by the investor before their decision on whether to invest.

• Transaction Closing: Support in negotiation of terms and agreements including supporting on any conditions required to be fulfilled before transaction close.

We contribute to Africa’s success by helping Africa access Capital.

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